Empire Precision continues to expand its robotics, offering automated injection molding capabilities for high volume plastic parts. Empire’s automation is an ideal fit for medical devices and other products that demand tightly controlled scientific molding processes and precise quality.

Modern Equipment

Our current equipment includes 40 microprocessor-controlled, injection molding machines, with over 80% automation. Empire’s automation systems include servo-driven, multi-axis robotics, streamline part handling, and secondary operations.

Controlled Environment

Empire offers full automation within a cleanroom controlled environment. Parts enter the cleanroom on a conveyor from the injection molding machine. Fixed, portable and micro-cleanrooms are available for cost-effective precision molding workflows.

Controlled environment molding has been particularly effective for one customer, whose medical fluid control valves must be protected from particulates in the factory environment due to direct patient contact. By enclosing the automated molding system in a cleanroom, dust and surface contaminants are removed.

Reduce Assembly Cost & Defect Rate

Integrated, in-house capabilities, extensive automation, and white room assembly results in better quality at a lower cost. Our facility contains a modern white room environment as well as state-of-the-art molding equipment and all the metrology expertise necessary to produce highly sophisticated optics and optical systems. We use robotics to produce high volumes at reasonable prices for automation-friendly assemblies. Low volume to high volume, our people and equipment stand ready to design, manufacture, and test optics in record time.