Contract Assemblies

Your program success depends on assemblies and sub-assemblies that are well-aligned, on time, and at the right total cost. Our in-house secondary and assembly services improve your total program cost by improving quality and production time. From simple assembly of mating components to turn-key electro-optical system assembly of a finished product, Empire provides value-added services that save you time and money.

These services include:

  • Pre-launch prototyping for product evaluation
  • Custom packaging
  • Kitting
  • Complete or partial component assembly
  • Capability studies and validation

Our assembly services include:

  • Full-service molding and assembly solutions
  • Work cells operating within the molding cycle
  • Manual, semi-automated and fully automated assembly
  • Injection molding with integrated down-stream assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding, heat staking, machining, decorating, and testing

Electro-Optical Assembly

Empire Precision Optics is a single-source solution to your most complex and innovative projects. We manufacture and assemble systems that combine electronics and plastic optics, and we work with your engineering staff or our engineers to develop certified, cost-effective electro-optical subsystems for your products. Your volumes and quality standards demand dedicated, custom setups. We have the facilities, processes and capital to accommodate these needs. In most cases, we will specifically design a strategic center within our plant to produce your electro-optical system assemblies. This center offers the specific, highly specialized manufacturing methods and meticulous handling required to ensure the highest quality and most cost effective product output.

At Empire Precision Optics, you can be sure we will:

  1. Fully analyze your proposed electro-optical project
  2. Offer engineering design input to reduce manufacturing costs