Precision Injection Molding

Empire Precision Plastics specializes in precision molding of close tolerance optical and precision plastic parts using a broad selection of engineering resins.

Engineers and program managers value us for our knowledge, trusting Empire to improve system manufacturability and ensure total program success. Buyers appreciate the range of in-house services and our tool storage and in-house mold maintenance service.

Let our positive, problem-solving business approach bring that extra edge to your next program:

  • Expertise in highly complex tools. Extensive engineering staff ensures design for manufacturability across the assembly.
  • Complete mold maintenance services: In-house, full-service tool room and dedicated staff members.
  • Extensive and up-to-date equipment: Current equipment includes 40 microprocessor-controlled injection molding machines, with over 80% automation. Thermo and valve gate hot manifold systems. Electric and advanced hydraulic molding machines.
  • Process monitoring and back-up: Temperature or pressure in-mold sensors. Redundant systems for key mechanical procedures such as compressed air and process water systems.
  • Controlled environment: Air conditioned factory, chilled and heated mold temperature control and white room facilities.

Reduce Assembly Cost & Defect Rate

Integrated, in-house capabilities, automation, and white room assembly results in better quality at a lower cost. Our facility contains a modern white room environment as well as molding equipment and all the metrology expertise necessary to produce highly sophisticated optics and optical systems. We use robotics to produce high volumes at reasonable prices for automation-friendly assemblies. Low volume to high volume, our people and equipment stand ready to design, manufacture, and test optics in record time.

Process Pedigree

Empire Precision Plastics maintains world-class quality by beginning with DOE/Taguchi Techniques to design our processes and solutions, and then using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and process capability (CP/CPK) to maintain our standards. Our technology allows us to monitor process control during production and reject substandard components prior to inspection, thus accelerating our throughput.