Firearms Market

Plastic components can significantly reduce cost, and weight, of firearms and other outdoor high-performance products. How these parts are molded can greatly affect performance as well as aesthetics, so it’s important to find a molder that can offer the best options to meet your standards. Empire Precision’s Advance Project Team can provide the materials, injection molding techniques, and assembly options you need to achieve the high quality finished components and assemblies you want. Bring your next project to Empire Precision – “Where your ideas take shape™”

Your program benefits from:

  • Glass and metal conversion to plastic
  • Improve part and mold design with injection molding simulation
  • In-Line serialization

Better Tracking with In-Line Serialization

Empire Precision can now offer in-line serialization of polymer firearm components during the manufacturing process. With in-line laser engraving, components can be inspected and approved prior to applying the serialization number. When used with ATF approved software, accepted, in-line serialized components are instantly entered into the electronic tracking log. This eliminates manual entries, which saves time and prevents clerical errors which can be quite costly during an ATF audit. This technology also helps manufacturers avoid the added engineering and retooling costs of serializing through redesign.

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