Passive Infrared (PIR) Lenses

PIR Fresnel Dome Lenses

Empire’s PIR Fresnel dome lenses are designed for wavelengths between 5 and 20 microns and used primarily for security and lighting control industries. Peak transmission falls between 9 and 12 microns. Short focal lengths are available for low-profile sensors.

Download our Passive Infrared PIR Fresnel Lens Datasheet to learn more.

PIR Lens Arrays

PIR motion sensor lens arrays are used in certain applications with a pyroelectric detector to create a detection pattern. Several models are available, each creating a detection pattern with a specific range and viewing angle. All arrays are optimized for dual element pyroelectric devices and offer white light immunity to reduce false triggers. All arrays are also UV resistant (for outdoor applications) and designed for uniform sensitivity to reduce electronic gain.

Download our Passive Infrared Lens Array Datasheet to learn more.

Wide Angle Arrays:

WA 30.5

EWA 30.5 (additional datasheet)

WA 30.5 – 110

Dense Pattern Arrays:

DWA 30.5

Short Focal Length Arrays:

WA 23

WA 16.5

Pet Immunity Arrays:

PI 30.5

Ceiling Mount Arrays:

HC 22 (additional datasheet)

MC 22 (additional datasheet)