Design and Development

Empire provides the latest optomechanical design technology partnered with the best optical design companies in North America to produce innovative solutions that leverage the full potential of plastics materials. Complex optical surfaces combined with this level of mechanical integration equals lower assembly cost and quicker time to market.

For information about our Design and Development process, please visit our Idea Factory. It provides an idea of what it’s like to take the first step in the process to bring your product ideas to reality.


In the world of polymer optics, sometimes it is important to make prototypes for proof of concept. Single Point Diamond Turning can be the perfect route for your small quantity prototypes. Prototyping can also help with the ramp up process of a new project while working on full scale production. Empire’s SPDT, single point diamond turning boast a Moore Nano 350; with resolution of 0.4µ” (10nm) coupled with on-board profilometry, Empire Precision’s technicians can generate and verify optical surfaces in real time, with surface and form accuracies to the sub-micron level and surface roughness measured down to the angstrom level.


Our design and tooling center leverages the latest software technology for both design and computer aided manufacturing Proven optical quality toolmakers are chosen and assisted by mold flow analysis to optimize the tool. Our specialist toolmakers are skilled in optical surface generation and polishing.

Empire Precision’s in-house Technology Center boasts the latest in CNC moldmaking.  Our experienced team manages your project from initial concept to approved tool. Our machinists, toolmakers and designers are trained in the latest design software, including Siemens NX, Mastercam and Solidworks. We use Mold Flow to fully optimize your plastic part.  Empire’s engineering team can also review existing tool designs and recommend changes that improve tool longevity and part quality.

  • Full Part Development
  • Prototype molds
  • High Volume Production tooling
  • Tool Maintenance
  • Transfer of existing Tooling