World Class Manufacturing


Our molders are trained in the art of optical molding. Mold flow process analysis and thorough F.M.E.A. is controlled by the Project Manager to ensure quality and quantity.

  • Expertise in highly complex tools and scientific molding.
  • 21st century Manufacturing: 40 microprocessor-controlled injection molding machines, with Thermo and valve gate hot manifold systems. Electric and advanced hydraulic molding machines.
  • Process monitoring and back-up:Temperature or pressure in-mold sensors. Redundant systems for key mechanical procedures such as compressed air and process water systems.
  • Controlled environment: Environment controlled White room facilities. State of the art process control systems.
  • State-of-the-Art Processes: Empire Precision Plastics maintains world-class quality by beginning with DOE/Taguchi Techniques to design our processes and solutions, and then using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and process capability (CP/CPK) to maintain our standards. This has allowed us to regularly hold interferometric tolerances of less than 1 wave on many applications. Our state-of-the-art presses allow us to monitor process control during production and reject substandard components prior to inspection, thus accelerating our throughput.