Early Project Involvement

Our partnerships with customers work best when we are involved in a project from the beginning. From initial design through full scale production, our Advance Project Team works with customers to quickly and cost effectively bring their projects to market.

The Empire team includes experts in tooling, processing, metrology and automation. We’ll review your program and tooling requirements to offer customized, optimized solutions. Learn more about Program Management.

Part Design & Engineering

Involving Empire early in the development process can help reduce overall cost and lead time. Our engineers can often suggest material or design improvements that save cost without sacrificing performance.

Our designers are trained in the latest CAD/CAM software to ensure that your design meets specifications and that the product will perform favorably.

Tooling & Transfers

Many customers decide to transfer their tool to Empire from another vendor. If this decision is due to a quality issue, Empire will perform a free, in-depth evaluation of the tooling, molded parts, and molding process in order to diagnose the problem. We’ll then review the available solutions to get the program back on track.

If there is a problem with the tool, Empire has the CNC machining capabilities and talent to fix it. Our experienced moldmakers can also build a tool or mold if needed.

Empire has successfully completed more than 1,000 tooling transfer programs. We can accept as few as one tool to hundreds of tools at once. For every transfer, we strive to minimize downtime and meet product quality.