Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is the first step in our process; where we collaborate with the customer to understand their program.  We will work with your team to help them create the best solution.  Empire will proactively manage programs from concept through validation and final approval.  Ongoing modifications in requirements will follow these same processes.

This is done by assigning an Advance Project Team to the project. Led by a dedicated program manager (also including a part designer, mold designer, quality engineer, and outside suppliers), the team works with our clients to understand their application and design requirements to develop a comprehensive project plan. Not only will this plan have the goal of reducing total cost, but also optimize cycle time and minimize quality issues.

Whether it is a new tool or transferring a tool, the extensive experience of our team will help bring your project to fruition.  Our ability to create molding process simulations, to test the capability and feasibility of molded parts to handle Scientific Molding in production, ensures that every requirement will be met before going into production.

You will have an open channel of communication to your Advance Project Team.  This will allow you to have full visibility to where your project stands at any point in the process.  You will have peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced team of individuals diligently working to enhance your competitive advantage in your industry.  At Empire, your project success is our highest priority.