Technology Center

The next step in our process is the Technology center.  In the Technology Center we guide our customers through the tool building phase and leverage a Process Pedigree™ that validates and develops a repeatable manufacturing methodology that will seamlessly transfer to standardized production.

The Technology Center has a full-service tool room, including high-speed CNC equipment, that will execute the build of the tool and ensure all critical dimensions are met using our own proprietary Scientific Molding documentation software.  This plays a large part in the high quality of our molds.  Several of our molds have produced over 1.5 billion parts and counting.  We are also experienced in automation, part handling, and performance testing.  These can be analyzed without disruption of the project timeline.

Using the dedicated molding equipment in our Technology Center, Empire can perform initial process development and mold capability studies.  The team will then do the final validation in the production presses.  Whether it is mold building, design, engineering changes, mold repair or maintenance.  Let our expertise and technology work for you.